In 2010, the G20 launched the Global Agriculture and Food Security Program (GAFSP) in the wake of the 2007–2008 food price crisis to address a clear need for increased investment to improve food and nutrition security in low-income countries. Today, GAFSP supports smallholder farmers, agribusinesses, and countries by investing in resilient and sustainable agriculture and food systems that benefit and empower poor and vulnerable farmers, their families, and communities.

Dedicated to improving food and nutrition security in the world’s poorest countries.

In the world’s poorest countries, GAFSP provides financial and technical resources, including grants, concessional loans, blended finance, technical assistance, and advisory services, to projects along the entire agriculture value chain, “from farm to table.”

GAFSP pools donor funds and allocates resources to projects, allowing governments, agribusinesses, and producer organizations to choose and tailor interventions best suited to their own contexts. They design, lead, and implement these projects in partnership with the world’s leading development agencies, who have knowledge and presence on the ground.

Public Sector Projects
16 16 million people benefited from public sector projects
40% Woman Reached
40% 40% of all people reached are women
Private Sector
1.6M 1.6 million farmers reached through private sector support
Healthy Food and Diverse Diets
4m 4 million people have better access to healthy food and diverse diets

Projects are designed and led by farmers, governments, and the private sector and implemented in partnership with development agencies.

Country Grants

GAFSP provides grant financing to governments to support national agriculture and food security investment plans developed with farmers, agribusinesses, technical experts, and civil society organizations.

Small-Scale Grants To Producer Organizations

GAFSP provides small-scale grants to smallholder farmers, farmers’ organizations, producer organizations, and small and medium-sized enterprises.

Private Sector Development

GAFSP uses a range of financing tools, including blended finance solutions, concessional funding, and advisory services, to support investments that improve livelihoods.

Smallholder Farmers

GAFSP has supported more than 16 million farmers and their families to achieve higher agricultural productivity, increased incomes, and improved nutrition security.


country- and farmer-led projects


private sector projects


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